1. Heres what we know - and what we dont - about the Massachusetts reopening plan so far

    Heres what we know - and what we dont - about the Massachusetts reopening plan so far

    The advisory board is set to deliver more details about the plan on Monday, May 18, the same day that Baker’s order closing non-essential businesses is set to expire. The commonwealth’s plan may be similar to those of other states, which have spaced out the waves of their reopening four weeks apart, Baker said . The governor has yet to lay out specific dates for the state’s plan.

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    1. We've seen an outline of what it looks like.
    2. Certain businesses and activities with a lower risk of COVID-19 transmission will open in earlier phases.
    3. You wouldn't be able to initiate a phase one without those guidelines.
    4. The governor and the advisory board are really in the driver's seat for that.
    5. The same applies for our guidelines for physical, social distancing and face covering.
    6. It's the right time to begin to bring essential construction projects back.
    7. We're very hopeful they're going to allow that.
    8. I felt it was important to let our residents know this will be a cautious reopening of municipal government and we all have to continue to do our part in safe social distancing, wearing masks, using common sense.
    9. We look forward to safely reopening the Massachusetts economy in close collaboration with the Administration.
    10. It takes a long time for these shops to open and this just will add to the delays, which are expecting and it's just like any other business that's struggling right now, trying to make it through this unprecedented time.
    11. I am hopeful that that will be one of the industries that will be able to reopen during the first phase.
    12. I want to make sure that we have all the data we need when we make this decision.
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