1. Paycheck Protection Program Resources

    Paycheck Protection Program Resources

    In anticipation of the second round of funding for the Paycheck Protection Program going live on Monday, the Boston Fed has created a web page with resources for New England smaller businesses including nonprofits to aid them in applying to this program. These resources may be helpful to your organization; as well we strongly request that you forward this email to your networks that include smaller businesses/nonprofits as soon as possible. It is anticipated that the second round of funding will run out quickly and that it is essential that applicants connect with a financial institution able to process their PPP loan immediately.

    The resource page includes:

    -          An info sheet describing the program

    -          Links to other resources including program information and loan applications in 19 languages

    -          A list of technical assistance providers indicating they are able to help small businesses/nonprofits apply for the PPP

    -          A list of financial institutions that are able to process PPP loans for non-customers

    You can visit the page here: https://www.bostonfed.org/in-the-region/covid-19-resources/paycheck-protection-program.aspx . The TA providers and FI lists will be updated as new organizations are identified, so please check back regularly in the coming days.

    List of local banks and Credit Unions:

    Western MA

    • Monson Savings Bank
    • Freedom Credit Union
    • TD Bank, Springfield, MA
    • Westfield Savings Bank
    • Florence Savings Bank
    • Peoples United Bank
    • Berkshire Bank
    • Polish National Credit Union
    • Country Bank
    • Peoples Bank
    • bankESB
    • KeyBank
    • Greenfield Cooperative Bank

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