1. Big Y exec on COVID-19 challenges: ‘We will get through this together’

    Big Y exec on COVID-19 challenges: ‘We will get through this together’

    Born in the wake of the nation’s Great Depression of the 1930s, Big Y Foods survived its first decade amid challenges presented by World War II. One of its founders, Gerald E. “Gerry” D’Amour, went off to serve in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific, while his older brother, Paul H. D’Amour, confronted the realities of wartime rationing of food and supplies on the homefront during the 1940s.

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    1. Everything is changing minute to minute.
    2. I think one of the things we've noticed is some of the panic buying is starting to subside.
    3. The food service industry was hit hard by this, too. It's just really tough times for everyone, and to support (PFG), some of their workers are providing needed help and services for us.
    4. I walked the store to see how they are recovering. They were in decent shape, all things considered.
    5. There was a sudden surge of demand no one could predict.
    6. It's that kind of community spirit (that shows) we will get through this together.
    7. It was that same sense of the community coming together. We'll get through this as well. It's obviously a bit more critical on so many levels, but our experience has been a good training ground.
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