1. Technology Helps Businesses Equip Home-based Employees

    Technology Helps Businesses Equip Home-based Employees

    While much of the national conversation around COVID-19 has centered around how prepared the government and healthcare sector are to deal with the pandemic, another sector has been asking itself similar preparedness questions. That would be IT firms, especially those who handle the networks of business clients at a time when companies are sending employees home en masse — not to take time off, but to work remotely.

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    1. We took the initiative on this last week.
    2. When they gave that mandate, that changed everything. Companies have to give employees the ability to work remotely.
    3. COVID-19 is changing the way we live.
    4. We had already previously canceled non-essential domestic and international business travel and large-scale events, proactively tested our work from home capabilities, restricted non-essential guests at our facilities, and enhanced our cleaning protocols at our office, all of which continue.
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