1. Holyoke Is Growing, and Not Just Cannabis - BusinessWest

    Holyoke Is Growing, and Not Just Cannabis - BusinessWest

    It’s been more than three years now since Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told a TV reporter, tongue in cheek (or not), that he wanted to rename Holyoke ‘Rolling Paper City,’ in a nod to its past — and its potential future as home to businesses in the cannabis industry spawned by a ballot initiative in the fall of 2016.

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    1. Unfortunately, the length of the process at the state level has slowed things a bit, but 2020 seems poised to be the year we see some concrete results from our embrace of and leadership in the cannabis industry.
    2. We have about 20 companies that have approached us for a host-community agreement; a few of those are no longer proceeding, but we have probably close to a dozen that are still in some part of the process, and we expect a couple to open at some point this year.
    3. Eight years ago, the concern was that there was too much empty space.
    4. They're been very savvy about remaining relevant, not like other malls.
    5. When a forest burns, the forest doesn't grow back by planting a giant oak tree in the middle of it.
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