1. As Threats Evolve, Opportunities in Cybersecurity Abound

    As Threats Evolve, Opportunities in Cybersecurity Abound

    Cybersecurity experts say there’s still plenty of misunderstanding when it comes to the reality of data threats. For example, it’s not just big companies being attacked — these days, everyone is a target, and data thieves are becoming more subtle and savvy with their methods. That means companies need to be more vigilant — but it also means career opportunities abound in a field that desperately needs more young talent.

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    1. That's why we need to start with the high-school students.
    2. If you have a breach and data is stolen.
    3. That's slowing down as businesses are becoming aware of the risk.
    4. The threat we have now is going to go on steroids with 5G and with IoT.
    5. It's one thing to take the data out, but when your brand is affected because you've had this incredible breach, that's something else.
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