1. Granny’s Baking Table Speaks to a Different, Much Simpler Time

    Granny’s Baking Table Speaks to a Different, Much Simpler Time

    It’s a small business, but it might just be a big part of a significant movement. Granny’s Baking Table, which opened just a few months ago, speaks to a different age in Springfield’s history, when small, locally owned businesses dominated Main Street and the roads around it. And in many ways, it operates in a way consistent with that age — there’s no wi-fi and, instead, a focus on conversation. It’s a blast from the past, but those behind it hope they represent the future.

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    1. People didn't like our concepts; they didn't like the one table, they didn't like the no wi-fi — there was so much that people were averse to.
    2. We have a space where we want people to come in and talk and have a conversation.
    3. Sometimes you'll see a full table, and other times you'll see a few people there.
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