1. Springfield creating casino impact district to spur development around MGM resort

    Springfield creating casino impact district to spur development around MGM resort

    Springfield’s chief development officer told officials this week that new zoning and special incentives are part of the city’s strategy for luring developers to vacant and blighted properties near the MGM Springfield casino. At this week’s meeting of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, city Chief Development Officer Timothy Sheehan said the multi-phase effort includes creating a downtown casino impact district and bringing tenants to buildings along Main Street directly across from the casino.

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    1. At this point, it's clear that the city ultimately needs to be the driver into what the next phase of development needs to be in and around the casino area.
    2. It's not hard to imagine the potential on a lot of those buildings you mentioned as foreclosed upon and the neighborhood around it.
    3. It's exciting, it really is, to think about what you are trying to accomplish there and what a difference it will make.
    4. Ultimately, it has come to us from the city prospective, that we really need to galvanize and guide and facilitate the development and investment that happens within that area.
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