1. There’s a Distinct Buzz in Downtown Greenfield

    There’s a Distinct Buzz in Downtown Greenfield

    Let’s get the bad news out of the way. And it certainly is bad news. Wilson’s department store, an anchor and destination in downtown Greenfield for a century or so, will be closing its doors as its owner moves into retirement, leaving a very large hole to fill in the middle of Main Street. The store was practically synonymous with the city and its downtown, drawing visitors of all ages who wanted to shop in one of the last old-time department stores in this region and maybe in the state. “It’s devastating and it’s heartbreaking because ...

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    1. It's devastating and it's heartbreaking because it's part of the fabric of the community.
    2. I have some employees who are trying to buy homes in Greenfield, and the inventory is moving so fast, they're having a hard time getting something.
    3. The city conducted a master-planning process about five years ago that really engaged the community in a robust conversation of what we saw as our future.
    4. We feel that Western Mass. is a great place for such a program.
    5. I'm a big believer in the creative economy driving growth, especially after an industrial exodus, as we've seen in so many small New England towns — it's a model we've seen repeated all through the country.
    6. They wanted to move their executive and sales teams from Montague to downtown Greenfield, in part to retain staff, keep people happy, and have people enjoy coming to work — many of their employees now walk to work.
    7. Wilson's was an anchor for this downtown for the longest time, for 137 years.
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