1. ‘Peace and solace in the storm of life’; The story of Yankee Candle’s journey to the ‘scenter of the universe’

    ‘Peace and solace in the storm of life’; The story of Yankee Candle’s journey to the ‘scenter of the universe’

    Made in Massachusetts is an ongoing feature taking you inside the products made right here in the Bay State and the people who make them.It was Christmas 1969. Sixteen-year-old Michael Kittredge was short on money, so he took kitchen string, half a milk carton and some red crayon wax and made his mother a candle.

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    1. A lot of credit goes to Mike Kittredge and what he built out – his focus on quality, best fragrances, innovation in manufacturing, innovation in going to market – so he was really a pioneer.
    2. It's crazy to see where some of the visitors come from. We have a lot of folks coming here from the UK who are adding it to their bucket list. It's really popular over there.
    3. It gives this enchanted feeling and tradition for people coming here.
    4. Grandparents have retired, their grandkids are now working in the factory.
    5. He was one of the original 12 that moved into the paper mill in Holyoke in 1973.
    6. There's a lot of things we do to keep people invested in this business and in our culture.
    7. The company is really focused on morphing from historically what has been a candle company into a home fragrance company.
    8. When we look at developing new fragrances, we look at everything that is currently moving in the world – be that lifestyle, wellbeing, food, fine fragrance or fashion trends. All of these factors heavily influence the direction of our fragrances at a given time.
    9. She's all about the most current trends. She goes to the fashion shows in Paris, she goes to the flower shows in Paris, so she goes to all the trendsetting activities there and she brings that to us, and we bring that to life across the globe.
    10. It's really been a very consistent growth trajectory for us.
    11. Mike Kittredge was unbelievably civic-minded, so that's really within the tradition and heritage and legacy of the company locally.
    12. It's really cool unique experience because every fragrance that comes out of there is totally unique.
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