1. TD Bank Awards Baystate Health $1 Million Ready Challenge Grant

    TD Bank Awards Baystate Health $1 Million Ready Challenge Grant

    Baystate Health received a $1 million grant from TD Bank to further the health system’s commitment to the communities it serves by funding an innovative new mobile preventive health clinic called the TD BankBaystate Health Bus. Baystate Health is one of only four healthcare organizations in the U.S., along with six in Canada, to receive the Ready Challenge Grant from the TD Bank Group to support programs aimed at improving access to early detection of disease and disease intervention.

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    1. While advances in healthcare enable many to lead healthier lives, the unfortunate reality is that not all communities have equal access to quality healthcare.
    2. Patients are faced with a number of barriers, including lack of transportation, financial constraints, and work and family commitments, and in some cases, a shortage of physicians in their community.
    3. As a result, we would expect to see a reduction in the severity of chronic illness and disease in the low- to- moderate-income at-risk patients we seek to serve.
    4. The 2018 TD Ready Challenge winners have already had an amazing impact on their communities, showing us that this funding can truly make a difference.
    5. It is our hope to inspire them to serve needy populations once they enter the profession.
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