1. As It Marks 25 Years, Bright Nights Displays Power of Collaboration

    As It Marks 25 Years, Bright Nights Displays Power of Collaboration

    Judy Matt had been tracking the results daily, almost hourly, and then … she couldn’t any longer. So, she’ll have to wait, like everyone else, to see how Bright Nights at Forest Park fares in this year’s USA Today competition to determine the top 10 holiday lighting shows in the country. When she was last able to check the tabulations before the magazine stopped running a count — presumably to build suspense for the Dec. 13 announcement regarding this and some other contests — Matt noted that Bright Nights was running fourth, behind such vaunted displays as the Legendary Lights ...

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    1. We were doing very well in the polling, and I think that certainly says something about Bright Nights, how far we've come, and how it can help put Springfield on the map.
    2. When we started out, we certainly weren't thinking about winning any awards or anything like that.
    3. I had just become parks superintendent maybe 18 months prior.
    4. It's a labor of love because of what the event does for our community.
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