1. Ware Strives to Build Vibrancy — and a Brand - BusinessWest

    Ware Strives to Build Vibrancy — and a Brand - BusinessWest

    ‘Somewhere worth seeing.’  This is the tagline that’s been attached to a visioning, branding, wayfinding, and business-development plan for the town of Ware, an ambitious document that has elements ranging from a community vision to a branding strategy to new signage that will direct locals and visitors alike to various civic, cultural, and recreational destinations within the community.

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    1. Ware is really a center of commerce for a large region, and people come to Ware not just to go to Walmart, but also for their banking, their healthcare, their education. We are a regional hub to a rural area.
    2. There has been a lot of growth on Main Street.
    3. I see the passion, and I see the forward momentum.
    4. For HCC to come here was really important to the town, and as it continues to grow, they've made a connection with our Ware public schools.
    5. The business owners here are very committed.
    6. The housing market in Ware is extraordinarily high right now.
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