1. Springfield tax levy set at $216.3M; rates to be determined

    Springfield tax levy set at $216.3M; rates to be determined

    The city’s tax levy — the total amount of real estate and personal property taxes it expects to bill in the current fiscal year — will be $216.3 million. That’s up from $205.3 million last year, said Springfield Assessor Richard J. Allen. The 5.4% increase is driven by a $5.9 million jump in the total value of all the real estate and taxable personal property in Springfield, including business and industrial equipment and tools, Allen said.

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    1. We have 59 new single-family homes that didn't exit last year. They were vacant land.
    2. When you look east on Boston Road, you are going to see buildings empty.
    3. You are going to have to balance your budgets. You are going to have to get your money.
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