1. Developers of Holyoke Cubit building launch coworking space

    Developers of Holyoke Cubit building launch coworking space

    Cubit building owners Denis and Marco Luzuriaga recently launched Cubit Coworks, offering desk, office and creative spaces that they showed off at an open house Thursday evening. Marco Luzuriaga said Cubit Coworks is a shared office without a long-term lease. Clients pay a monthly membership for a variety of spaces and desk options. The space also includes a kitchen, coffee bar, meeting rooms, a comfortable lounge, shower and restrooms. It taps into Holyoke Gas & Electric’s fiber-optic network for wireless connectivity. Coworks plans to install printers in every office and a central high-speed printer.

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    1. We try to make it welcoming. As we get more people, we want to adapt the space to their needs. It's the first go at it.
    2. What we're trying to do here is build the foot traffic on Race Street. Not only during the day but also at night.
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