1. Holyoke host veterans job fair, region’s top employers on hand

    Holyoke host veterans job fair, region’s top employers on hand

    The third annual Military and Veterans Job Fair attracted dozens of regional employers and a steady stream of applicants at the War Memorial Building on Friday. Applicants met with major employers, including Amazon, MGM-Springfield, Gulfstream, Baystate Health Systems, U.S. Postal Service, University of Massachusetts Amherst, General Dynamics, Hazen Paper and Hood.

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    1. It's a great hiring time, and there are employers who take advantage of the unique skills and abilities veterans bring to the job market.
    2. I'm looking around and seeing the different options after working fulltime with Massachusetts Guard. She also met with representatives from Amazon and UMass-Amherst
    3. I'm looking for part-time employment. I hope I can get some contacts for some job opportunities.
    4. A veteran brings a different perspective that may be a civilian wouldn't bring.
    5. Understanding the mission, understanding how things will be used, is a tremendous advantage to use.
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