1. East Longmeadow Seeks Balance, Progress - BusinessWest

    East Longmeadow Seeks Balance, Progress - BusinessWest

    Balance.  That’s a word you hear quite often in East Longmeadow’s Town Hall these days — and for good reason.  This growing community of roughly 16,000 people on the border with Connecticut has long enjoyed a solid balance of business and industry, attractive residential neighborhoods, and a large amount of agricultural land, although the total acreage has fallen in recent years.

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    1. Next week, the council will be appointing a screening committee, solely for the purpose of reading the applications that the consultant brings to them.
    2. Because that need is growing, the Fire Department is ready, willing, and able to meet it.
    3. We have some huge tracts of land that the town will protect and keep that way as undeveloped land either for conservation or because you just don't want to build on every square foot you have for a variety of reasons.
    4. Our planner has convened a master plan committee.
    5. There's just so much here in this town, but it still has that small-town, quaint feeling.
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