1. Verizon hands out iPads to 533 Holyoke middle school students

    Verizon hands out iPads to 533 Holyoke middle school students

    Students at the Holyoke STEM Academy and Wm. R. Peck now have access to the latest technologies thanks to the Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative and Digital Promise. Verizon handed out new Apple iPads to 533 students from both schools, which includes free, roaming Wi-Fi and the latest educational apps. The company hosted a rollout celebration at the STEM Academy Oct. 10.

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    1. We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative and are grateful to Verizon, and Digital Promise for their generosity.
    2. It will help me focus more because I don't like working on paper.
    3. I'll use it for homework, and it's an easier way for remembering.
    4. The idea is to pair them up one-to-one with important technology. They're able to take this home along with Verizon wireless service.
    5. The idea is to give them the tools they need to succeed and set them up for high school, college and career.
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