1. New Members, Chair Named to STCC Board of Trustees

    New Members, Chair Named to STCC Board of Trustees

    The Springfield Technical Community College board of trustees recently welcomed two new members and a new chair, Mary Catherine “Marikate” Murren. The new members are Jynai McDonald, who was appointed by Gov. Charlie Baker in June, and Yanira Aviles, who was elected by the student body in April. Baker named Murren as chair of the board over the summer. She replaces Christopher Johnson, whose term recently expired. He had served as a trustee since 2006. Murren has served as a trustee for more than two years. She is vice president of Human Resources for MGM Springfield and graduated from the ...

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    1. I am honored to accept the responsibility as chair of Springfield Technical Community College's board of trustees.
    2. It is an honor to be appointed by Governor Baker and serve the Greater Springfield community by being a part of the governing body to the only technical community college in the Commonwealth.
    3. It's an honor and a privilege to serve as student trustee at STCC.
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