1. STCC Awarded $500,000 for Health Science, Electrical Engineering Technology Programs

    STCC Awarded $500,000 for Health Science, Electrical Engineering Technology Programs

    Springfield Technical Community College (STCC) will apply $500,000 in state funding to enhance programs in health science and electrical engineering technology and better prepare students who are planning careers in these growing industries. Called the Skills Capital Grant, the funding allows STCC to acquire the newest technologies to educate students and expand career education opportunities. STCC will use the grant to boost the two programs by acquiring:

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    1. With nearly 100 degree and certificate programs, STCC has developed numerous career pathways for students to ensure they have the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience to succeed.
    2. Last year, we launched a new health science degree that exposes students to a variety of healthcare careers in an immersive and rich learning environment.
    3. Our program provides graduates with the skills necessary to become technicians in the high-demand fields of automation, robotics, mechatronic and electro-mechanical systems design, installation, programming, and repair.
    4. It is encouraging to see schools that are awarded Skills Capital Grants put the funds toward career pathways to give Massachusetts students experience and expertise in industries that are expanding in the Commonwealth.
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