1. Springfield Thunderbirds Aim Higher in Team’s Fourth Season

    Springfield Thunderbirds Aim Higher in Team’s Fourth Season

    When the Springfield Thunderbirds hit the ice for the first time three years ago, its management team heard plenty of skepticism about whether hockey could truly thrive and grow beyond a certain ceiling in the city. While there’s still plenty of room for growth in ticket sales, attendance surged last season to a two-decade high, with Saturday nights in particular routinely selling out. In short, there’s a lot of optimism inside the Thunderbirds offices — and a refusal to get complacent.

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    1. We wanted to prove we could do it here and that, if we did it the right way, it could work.
    2. At first, there were low expectations for the marketplace, and it was easier to meet those expectations.
    3. The All-Star Classic was an absolute home run — it raised our profile locally and within the AHL.
    4. That was a challenge, when there wasn't as much life and things going on.
    5. We're trying to provide more value to ticket holders, and letting them know we continue to invest in the game experience.
    6. We're trying to tap into that old nostalgia; that's a fun part of what we do.
    7. Being here in this marketplace, there's a duty for us to give back and truly be a part of the community.
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