1. HCC Launches New Round of Culinary Classes for Home Cooks

    HCC Launches New Round of Culinary Classes for Home Cooks

    Holyoke Community College (HCC) is launching a new round of cooking and baking classes this fall geared toward home chefs. “Cooking Confidently with Chef Tracy Carter,” a twice-monthly series of Friday-night, non-credit classes, kicks off Sept. 27 with “A Stroll Through the Markets of the Middle East,” during which Carter, a professional chef and HCC Culinary Arts instructor, will teach participants to prepare falafel, tahini, tabouli salad, and crispy phyllo dough with nuts and honey for dessert. Each single-session, hands-on class has a unique culinary theme. Participants will learn how to prepare appetizers, salads, sauces, entrees, and desserts, then dine ...

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