1. Hall of Fame Project Is a Shining Example of Teamwork, Coordination

    Hall of Fame Project Is a Shining Example of Teamwork, Coordination

    Work continues on an intriguing and highly visible project to put a fresh, more watertight face on the sphere at the Basketball Hall of Fame. The project is a study in efficient teamwork and bringing intricate work to a polished finish — quite literally.

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    1. One of the big concerns going into this was having a coordinated effort from the people taking the panels off to the people doing the rubber membrane repair on the inside to us getting the panels repaired and back to them.
    2. That was a key element as we chose vendors.
    3. From our end, the biggest challenge we have is to have the repeatability in the quality of finish.
    4. I think it will attract a lot of attention.
    5. It didn't give us the opportunity to really reflect all the content that's out there, whether it was a long-time-ago hall of famer or an honoree just enshrined last year; we weren't able to really bring them alive.
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