1. Chicopee’s Downtown; a Developing Story

    Chicopee’s Downtown; a Developing Story

    our years ago, a $7,500 grant from MassDevelopment helped to fund the first annual Downtown GetDown block party in Chicopee. Mayor Richard Kos understands why that was a good investment. “They like the idea of people coming downtown, because when they do, it gives other people impetus to want to develop the downtown,” he told BusinessWest. In that first year, he went on, “the block party really removed a lot of question marks. People say there’s no parking downtown. Well, we had 15,000 people over a weekend, and no one complained about parking. It was not an ...

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    1. That eliminates a food desert downtown.
    2. We think those will be positive, and will give people another way to get to work and do things they enjoy doing.
    3. This building needed a little attention.
    4. As one proponent of that, we're putting a civilian dispatch facility there and making it robust enough to make it regional.
    5. A number of communities have been looking to do this, but nothing was being done, and we made our improvements sufficient, so it just made sense.
    6. For the vast majority of people, it's worked well.
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