1. Restored Brewer-Young Mansion Set to Begin Its Next Chapter

    Restored Brewer-Young Mansion Set to Begin Its Next Chapter

    In its heyday, the Brewer-Young mansion was the center of Longmeadow’s social scene. Those who don’t remember those days know it more as an eyesore alongside the town green, after a string of owners over the past 30 years were unable to maintain the decaying structure. Enter a trio of investors with a commercial vision for the property, one that would pump economic vitality into the building while restoring its original architecture — and historic importance.

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    1. I'm very interested in making sure we preserve this property and turn it into a positive on our green — not to have it torn down or turned into something negative.
    2. I basically said to him, 'listen, if it ever gets to a point where it comes on the market and you agree it's not a viable single-family residence, why don't we talk about partnering on repurposing it and putting it back on the path to sustainability?
    3. Over these eight years, it really started decaying rapidly.
    4. It is probably the best example of Colonial Revival architecture in the Pioneer Valley.
    5. That's different from commercial zoning.
    6. The wallpaper was literally falling apart, full of cracks and peeling.
    7. It's very exciting. It's going to be a vibrant place — a place where entrepreneurs and professionals come together and cross-pollinate ideas.
    8. Frankly, it was not clear how much it would truly cost.
    9. It was a stronger response than I anticipated.
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