1. Greenfield Community College Receives Continuation of Title III Grant Funding

    Greenfield Community College Receives Continuation of Title III Grant Funding

    In October 2016, Greenfield Community College (GCC) was awarded a $1.6 million Title III grant from the U.S. Department of Education, to be disbursed over five years. This grant is part of the Strengthening Institutions Program, which helps institutions expand their capacity to serve low-income and at-risk students. This academic year will mark the fourth year of continued funding of GCC’s Title III grant. The aim of GCC’s Title III grant is to integrate academic-success coaching and career exploration into a structured first-year experience that supports students who have been shown to be most at risk ...

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    1. We have a great track record of supporting all of our students, but the hard-won success of our most at-risk students are particularly gratifying to witness.
    2. Developing the Compass program has been rewarding and transformational — personally, for the college, and for our students.
    3. Over the last three years, our small Compass team has learned a lot about our students' needs and developed tools to support and streamline our advising efforts.
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