1. Hampshire Colleges Hires President, Charts New Course - BusinessWest

    Hampshire Colleges Hires President, Charts New Course - BusinessWest

    When asked whether he thought Hampshire College could not only maintain its accreditation but forge a long-term future, Ed Wingenbach, the recently named president of the beleaguered institution, didn’t hesitate in his response and spoke with a voice brimming with confidence.  “Yes; do you need me to say more?” he replied as the question was posed at a press conference to announce his appointment on July 18.

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    1. Colleges rely a lot on donations from alumni, but they often get donations from friends, people who admire the mission.
    2. We set out two months ago to raise that $20 million by June 30, 2020, and we're a little ahead of schedule.
    3. I think we have a really good story to tell that I think is compelling to people.
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