1. Dunkin’ opens ‘next generation’ store in Holyoke

    Dunkin’ opens ‘next generation’ store in Holyoke

    Dunkin’ Donuts officially cut the ribbon on a “next generation” store at 473-489 Pleasant St. Thursday morning. The new Dunkin’ features a unique, modern design equipped with the latest in brewing and pouring technologies, including Nitro Cold Brew, a richer, foamier offering. Freshly baked donuts, muffins and bagels filled the shelves. Franchisees Derek Salema and Peter Martins welcomed Mayor Alex B. Morse and City Councilors David Bartley and Peter Tallman to the ceremony. Aides to state Sen. Donald Humason and state Rep. Aaron Vega presented proclamations to the owners.

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    1. This is one of many economic development project reactivation sites happening throughout our city.
    2. This is a brand-new design for Dunkin', the first in the area.
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