1. WGBY changing its over-the-air frequencies on Monday - masslive.com

    WGBY changing its over-the-air frequencies on Monday - masslive.com

    Public television station WGBY will be changing its frequencies on Monday.  Over-the-air antenna users must rescan their TVs on or after Monday or they will lose the local PBS signal. Cable and satellite viewers are not affected.  Approximately 1,000 television stations across the country will experience frequency changes between now and July 2020 because of a FCC plan designed to make room on the airways for new 5G and other mobile broadband services.

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    1. The Federal Communications Commission is mandating that many over-the-air TV channels across the U.S. change frequencies in order to open up airwaves for new high-speed wireless services.
    2. WGBY may be able to appeal to the FCC for improved broadcast power — but we need viewers to comment using the form at wgby.org/tvrescan.
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