1. Greenfield Cooperative Bank Maintains a Solid Pace of Growth

    Greenfield Cooperative Bank Maintains a Solid Pace of Growth

    Like most all bank presidents in the 413, Michael Tucker would concede that a great many of the region’s communities are heavily populated with financial institutions, or “overbanked,” to use the term most would put into play. He’s inclined to include Greenfield on that list, and gestures out the window of his office to make his point. “They used to call the other end of the street Bank Row,” he said, referring to a stretch of Federal Street now occupied by what once were stately bank offices, many of them redeveloped for other uses. “They really should call ...

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    1. Our primary strategy remains to look for prudent and measured organic growth right here in Western Massachusetts.
    2. When he arrived in Greenfield, he took over one of the smallest banks in the region with a simple goal —
    3. As I've often said before, we'll probably never be the biggest bank.
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