1. Lisa Wieland will serve as Massport’s new chief executive

    Lisa Wieland will serve as Massport’s new chief executive

    Lisa Wieland The Massachusetts Port Authority picked its port director, Lisa Wieland, on Thursday to be its next chief executive, bypassing the other finalist, a member of the city’s power elite, for one of the most influential public-sector jobs in the state. The 5-to-2 vote by the Massport board of directors makes Wieland the second woman to hold the $360,000-a-year post that oversees Logan Airport, Boston port operations, two other airports, and large chunks of real estate in South Boston.

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    1. We have given her a division of the agency to take over that was run poorly, was in complete disarray.
    2. Diversity is important moving forward.
    3. I want to thank the Board for this tremendous opportunity.
    4. Her value is not her network. Her value is her experience.
    5. We understand the CEO of Massport needs to serve many masters.
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