1. VentureWell Seeks Global Impact Through Entrepreneurship

    VentureWell Seeks Global Impact Through Entrepreneurship

    Katya Cherukumilli has a big idea with potentially bigger impact. Her nonprofit startup, Seattle-based Global Water Labs, is developing a scalable and affordable fluoride-removal technology that aims to reduce the incidence of irreversible diseases as a result of consuming excess naturally occurring fluoride in groundwater — a risk common to some 200 million people worldwide. She credits Hadley-based VentureWell with helping her move her big idea beyond the headspace into something tangible and, hopefully, impactful.

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    1. Our objective broadly is to impact entrepreneurship and innovation at colleges and universities.
    2. We provide people with a healthy start.
    3. Our approach from the outset has been to develop pathways for people with good ideas to figure out how to make an impact in the world through an innovation process that leads to scaled entrepreneurial outcomes.
    4. VentureWell has awarded over $11 million to 450-plus faculty at more than 230 different institutions.
    5. It's the same at its core with a slightly different participant base, and those programs have continued to grow.
    6. We want to have an impact on educational and institutional systems, infrastructure, and ecosystems that provide the breeding ground and opportunity space where people with ideas can begin to think about the applications of their ideas.
    7. Like, I might know how to put a coating on a piece of glass so that nothing will stick to it. Well, who cares about that?
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