1. Baker-Polito Administration, MassDevelopment Announce Funds for Collaborative Workspaces

    Baker-Polito Administration, MassDevelopment Announce Funds for Collaborative Workspaces

    The Baker-Polito administration and MassDevelopment announced $2,165,000 in funding for the fourth round of Collaborative Workspace Program grants, a MassDevelopment program that accelerates business formation, job creation, and entrepreneurial activity in communities by supporting infrastructure that fuels locally based innovation. Eligible organizations may apply for either seed grants to plan and study the feasibility of new collaborative workspaces, or fit-out grants to develop and expand existing workspaces.

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    1. Beginning with the establishment of the Collaborative Workspace Program through our 2016 economic-development legislation and three successful grant rounds, the Baker-Polito administration has enabled investments in community-based innovation infrastructure to support entrepreneurs across Massachusetts.
    2. In the supportive environment of these collaborative workspaces, Massachusetts artists and creative entrepreneurs will encounter diverse ideas, launch new enterprises, and grow small businesses that will infuse vibrancy and economic activity into their communities.
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