1. Thriving Northampton Isn’t Resting on Its Laurels

    Thriving Northampton Isn’t Resting on Its Laurels

    A Knowledge Corridor study before the Amtrak Vermonter line opened four years ago projected 28 riders per day at the Northampton station. In fact, the average is 59 for the two trains per day — a southbound run that arrives at 2 p.m. and a northbound train at 4 p.m., noted Masterson, the city’s Economic Development director. “And that’s inconvenient service, in the middle of the afternoon,” added Mayor David Narkewicz. “If they made it convenient — get on in the morning, go to Manhattan, and come back the same day — it would be interesting to see the ...

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    1. And that's inconvenient service, in the middle of the afternoon.
    2. We've seen lots of development on Pleasant around the rail.
    3. So you have this whole diversity of senior living, independent living, and you've got some commercial redevelopments, which is very exciting.
    4. For whatever reason, Northampton is viewed as a good place for the cannabis industry.
    5. That's one reason tech entrepreneurs want to be downtown.
    6. We are still viewed as a very vibrant destination downtown where people want to locate their business.
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