1. Berkshire Blueprint 2.0 Charts Ambitious Course to Economic Growth

    Berkshire Blueprint 2.0 Charts Ambitious Course to Economic Growth

    Jonathan Butler knows what happens to a lot of reports, and he’s determined to avoid that fate. “This wasn’t intended to be just a two-year study that ends up as a report that sits on a shelf,” he said, referring to Berkshire Blueprint 2.0, an 80-page action plan of sorts for the Berkshire County economy. “It very much means to be a new look at our economy, a new baseline for where we are that identifies challenges we have in different areas and action steps needed to move forward.”

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    1. We've made a process that's accountable to itself and the stakeholders.
    2. There are real challenges, and we have to work in collaboration to overcome them.
    3. Population loss has been a mature conversation in the Berkshires.
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