1. Palmer Seeks to Boost Its Destination Status

    Palmer Seeks to Boost Its Destination Status

    Palmer’s leaders see the town as a destination — and hope the myriad players investigating east-west passenger rail service in Massachusetts view it the same way. That’s why the Palmer Town Council recently established a citizens’ advisory committee and contracted with the UMass Center for Economic Development to study — and prepare a report on — the merits of an east-west passenger rail stop in Palmer, to be submitted to the state advisory committee currently looking into the feasibility of expanded east-west passenger service. Those efforts included a recent meeting with community members to brainstorm about the pros and cons of ...

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    1. Originally, the discussion was to have a relatively high-speed east-west route between, say, Boston and Springfield, or Boston, Worcester, Springfield.
    2. That opened in September, and was quite a big expansion.
    3. It really is interesting to see the public acceptance of this new type of business.
    4. They ran into some structural issues — it was a bigger project than they thought — but activity continues.
    5. Now that the rail spur is completed, there's more activity up there.
    6. Thorndike Energy has hyropower over there, and generates electricity through hydropower.
    7. Obviously, anything located at Thorndike Mills would benefit from it.
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