1. UMass Amherst Looks to Be a World Leader in Water-technology Innovation

    UMass Amherst Looks to Be a World Leader in Water-technology Innovation

    When the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center released a study last fall examining potential locations for water-technology demonstration centers in Massachusetts — thus raising the Bay State’s profile and potential in the increasingly critical field of water supply, treatment, and sustainability — UMass Amherst was a natural choice, because it’s been making connections between water research and industry for some time. A host of key stakeholders believe it can become even more so in the decades to come.

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    1. There are countries facing severe water issues right now.
    2. It's obviously a big area — there's a water crisis around the country, around the world, and it will be more critical as the years go on, so there's a need to innovate ways to treat water, both wastewater and surface water.
    3. Water is just a really big issue, and becoming more important every day.
    4. At the end of the day, all of those panels and all the discussion and information kind of led back to reinforcing the idea that this is a really smart investment for the Commonwealth.
    5. You need flowing streams of municipal wastewater and surface water; you need to have access to this to test your filtration membrane or electrochemical treatment technologies, whatever they may be.
    6. Then there are companies developing their own technologies we don't even know about.
    7. They talk about water being the next oil.
    8. I do think it's new enough of a cluster that it's just starting to get some real recognition of its importance.
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