1. EforAll Helps a Challenged Constituency Share the Wealth - BusinessWest

    EforAll Helps a Challenged Constituency Share the Wealth - BusinessWest

    The agency is called SPARK EforAll Holyoke. It represents a merger of SPARK Holyoke, an entity created to inspire and mentor entrepreneurs, and EforAll, the Lowell-based organization that has created an effective model that does essentially the same thing. By whatever name it goes, the agency is helping to spur business ownership among minorities, women, and other constituencies, and it is already changing the landscape in the Paper City.

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    1. It has an alternative to soy … it has different spices to give you flavor … it has an alternative to sugar in there.
    2. When we came to SPARK EforAll, they really helped us organize ourselves and focus more on our sauce.
    3. I was able, with the help of my mentors, to identify other ways to generate revenue.
    4. Generally speaking, this means immigrants, people of color, women, those who are unemployed, veterans, people returning from incarceration … those are the kinds of communities we look for.
    5. We want to specifically focus on food after 9 p.m., because after that hour, most eateries in this area are closed.
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