1. Home & Garden Show Marks 65 Years of Making Connections - BusinessWest

    Home & Garden Show Marks 65 Years of Making Connections - BusinessWest

    The Western Massachusetts Home & Garden Show may last only four days each March, but Lori Loughlin says vendors reap the benefits all year long.  “The exposure at the show is tremendous,” said Loughlin, manager of Frank Webb Home in Springfield. “It pays for itself within the first week after the show closes. In May, June, July, people are coming in saying, ‘I was at the home show, and I saw this showerhead.’ They come back six months after and want to buy something they saw there. It’s nice.”

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    1. The exposure at the show is tremendous.
    2. We can give you a snapshot of what's out there, of what's new.
    3. People are going to see companies and meet owners that they probably wouldn't be exposed to by word of mouth.
    4. There are a lot of different things to do, so you don't have to come only for a siding or roofing job.
    5. This year, as every other year, the home show is a spring kickoff to the building season.
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