1. Westfield Promise program for early college gets $190K from state

    Westfield Promise program for early college gets $190K from state

    Westfield Promise, a program that allows students earn up to 12 college credits while still high school juniors and seniors, has received another $190,000 in state funding. The funding comes as Westfield State begins recruiting another cohort of 125 or so high school sophomores in Holyoke, Springfield and Westfield to form a new class, and as the first students to enter Westfield Promise prepare to graduate from the 2-year-old program.

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    1. The big thing that has been exciting to see is to see them all excited about getting accepted to college and what their plans are for the future.
    2. The early success of this program is due to the hard work of our facilitators and faculty members who have made this program a priority.
    3. We are really excited to keep bolstering the program both at the university and the high school levels.
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