1. Tourism and Events Continue to Drive Region’s Hotel Demand

    Tourism and Events Continue to Drive Region’s Hotel Demand

    There’s more than one way to look at a number. That’s especially true when it comes to hotel occupancy rates. Take Greater Springfield’s occupancy rates through the last six months of 2018. At almost 67%, they’re 5% higher than they were over the same period in 2017. That’s good news on its own, but especially positive when considering the capacity added over the past 18 months, from Holiday Inn Express on State Street in Springfield to Fairfield Inn & Suites in Holyoke; from Tru by Hilton in Chicopee to, of course, the hotel at MGM Springfield ...

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    1. Remember, hotels serve the leisure traveler, conventions, bus tours, corporate travel, and also having businesses surrounding you. Boston has growth from the companies being built. It's not all tourism. It's business travel as well.
    2. You'll see that with some of the national conventions we work with.
    3. What the hotels give back depends on where they're located, what other business they have, and whether they want to roll the dice and let other hotels get the group business.
    4. A lot of the business we get is repeat business because we've done a good job from the very beginning — meeting them, listening to what they need, giving them what they need, and holding their hand until the event occurs.
    5. You never know which of those participants might want to come back.
    6. She didn't want to do that; she had a day job.
    7. During the summer months, we do quite well on weekends, with Six Flags and other activities.
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