1. Ludlow offers mill redevelopment lessons to Easthampton, Montague

    Ludlow offers mill redevelopment lessons to Easthampton, Montague

    Massachusetts is home to a wealth of majestic mills constructed in the 19th century. But today many of the structures sit empty and unused, even though they still possess structural integrity. "They built these to last," said Westmass Area Development Corp. President and CEO Eric A. Nelson during a tour of the sprawling Ludlow Mills complex Friday. "However, the roofs can be a challenge," he quipped.

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    1. When government and the private sector work together, great things can happen.
    2. You salvage what you can if you know you're going to be on the losing side.
    3. It takes a leap of faith. But you also need a plan and an end game.
    4. It takes strong legislative leaders, intense collaboration between federal, state, and local officials and significant public subsidies to leverage private investment.
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