1. Florence Bank to Exceed $1.1M in Giving in Community Grants Program

    Florence Bank to Exceed $1.1M in Giving in Community Grants Program

    Ten years ago, a first-time mother struggled with the care of her newborn and later helped another mother having difficulty. Her efforts marked the grass-roots founding of It Takes a Village in Cummington. Today, a handful of part-time staff members and a committed team of volunteers for the nonprofit provide support — ranging from help with laundry and dishes to an extra set of hands at a doctor’s visit — for families in the hill towns with infants in their first year. The organization served 1,500 families last year and distributed more than $100,000 in diapers and other baby ...

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    1. We are a committed community partner, and we love this annual event, which offers us the chance to invest in organizations that benefit our employees, customers, neighbors, families, and friends.
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