1. Springfield economic development chief bullish on city’s prospects, large and small

    Springfield economic development chief bullish on city’s prospects, large and small

    Kevin Kennedy, Springfield’s chief development officer, is bullish on the economic outlook in 2019, and says the reasons are easy to spot — ranging from the nearly $1 billion MGM Springfield casino in full swing to other less dazzling but still impressive projects on tap.Some of the major projects in Springfield in recent years, such as the Union Station redevelopment and the CRRC rail car factory on Page Boulevard, continue to gain steam and bring heightened economic development prospects, Kennedy said. The new year will bring more progress, he said.

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    1. There may not be as many of the mega projects such as CRRC, Union Station, and MGM Springfield, but there are a variety of smaller yet significant projects happening all over the city.
    2. I think it has had a dramatic impact on Springfield.
    3. Everyone would admit the downtown has changed in the level of activity, the new policing, and the new comfort level everyone has in the downtown.
    4. They've got business in Philadelphia and Los Angeles and pitching in Washington, D.C., and Atlanta.
    5. As we move into 2019 we can anticipate the beginning of a $50 million expansion at the Mass Mutual Home Office on State Street.
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