1. Bradley Continues to Grow Its Routes — and Its Amenities

    Bradley Continues to Grow Its Routes — and Its Amenities

    It’s no secret that the air-travel industry is a competitive one. But Kevin Dillon said it’s doubly so for the airports themselves. “We’re competing with many regional airports for passengers, but we’re also competing with every airport in the country for limited assets — meaning aircraft,” he told BusinessWest. “Airlines will put aircraft where they get the best return. So we have to provide the best customer service possible, along with keeping operating costs low for airlines. Airports that can do both will be very successful.” By any standard, Bradley International Airport has been exactly that in ...

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    1. We continue to be very heavily focused on airline route development, and we continue to push for additional non-stop routes.
    2. We have rental cars scattered all around airport.
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