1. New Ownership Group Exudes Confidence on the Future of Tower Square

    New Ownership Group Exudes Confidence on the Future of Tower Square

    Both the office/retail complex known as Tower Square and the hotel that sits on the property would be considered somewhat risky investments, given their recent history. But the investment group Springfield Hospitality believes otherwise — in both cases. The new ownership group has announced an ambitious plan to get the Marriott flag back on the hotel, and it is confident about gaining a wide range of new tenants on the retail side of the equation.

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    1. We really can't say anything about that at this time; that's for … later; that will be phase two.
    2. When we looked at Tower Square as a possible investment, we saw opportunity where perhaps some didn't.
    3. We're going to be the number-one, most prestigious hotel in Western Mass..
    4. Usually, a casino like this has 1,000 rooms, and some have 1,800 or 2,000 rooms.
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