1. Architectural plans approved for Holyoke's Victory Theater

    Architectural plans approved for Holyoke's Victory Theater

    Architects working on the rehabilitation of the Victory Theater at 81-98 Suffolk St. submitted final drafts to the Holyoke Planning Board on Tuesday. The board reviewed and approved fence heights, a parking reduction plan and the theater's marquee. Donald T. Sanders, executive director of the Massachusetts Festival of the Arts, which owns the theater, said the board's approval represented a significant milestone in the project. The historic 1,600-seat theater opened in 1920 and closed in 1979. MIFA bought the city-owned property in 2009 for $1,500.

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    1. What's exciting is the enthusiasm for this project.
    2. People should realize it includes a sustainability fund that starts when the doors open. It's a smart move to ensure that the theater has some stability for the first five years.
    3. The architects are moving toward the final plans, and we're still fundraising, of course. It's very important to activate the bonds.
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