1. Isenberg School Expansion Makes Powerful, Practical Statement - BusinessWest

    Isenberg School Expansion Makes Powerful, Practical Statement - BusinessWest

    The Isenberg Innovation Hub, a $62 million expansion and renovation of the business school’s facilities on the UMass Amherst campus, will open its doors to students later this month. The building’s exterior design is stunning, and it gives a new face to Isenberg and perhaps the university, but the architects have made it functional as well.

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    1. Now that we are a top-20 business school, the students who are considering us are also considering a lot of other exceptional business schools.
    2. If you're heading up the stairs and you see someone coming down that you want to talk to, you can pull over, sit down on the stairs, and talk.
    3. Those rooms are sized and furnished to swing one way or the other depending on what the need is.
    4. What we used to say is that we were a family of eight living in a two-bedroom apartment.
    5. Relatively early in his tenure, Mark Fuller realized that the school was on a trajectory, both in terms of growth and in terms of quality, that was going to necessitate new physical space.
    6. There was this bowl of spaghetti of steam lines, electrical conduits, and high-speed data lines.
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