1. HCC, Westfield State Announce Nursing Degree Partnership

    Officials from Holyoke Community College (HCC) and Westfield State University signed a dual admission agreement this week that streamlines the process for students who want to continue their nursing educations at Westfield State after earning an associate degree in nursing at HCC.  The RN-to-BSN completion program partnership was announced during a ceremony at HCC’s Center for Health Education on Jarvis Avenue in Holyoke, home to the college’s RN (registered nurse) and LPN (licensed practical nursing) programs and medical simulation center.

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    1. We're delighted to be here today and excited about this new venture to expand our existing collaboration with HCC to offer a streamlined, efficient pathway to a bachelor of science in nursing degree for HCC students.
    2. We already have a really strong partnership with Westfield State, and this is an opportunity to enhance that partnership.
    3. The total cost of the 30 nursing-degree credits for the completion program is $10,800, making the program one of the most cost-effective of its kind in the area.
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