1. With Talent Scarce, Many Employers Are Laboring to Fill Positions

    With Talent Scarce, Many Employers Are Laboring to Fill Positions

    Meredith Wise says it’s probably not a recent addition to the business lexicon. But it was certainly new to her when she heard it the first time. ‘Ghosting’ is the phrase in question, and it refers to a situation where an individual applies for a job, is given an offer, accepts the offer, passes a drug test, is given a starting date, accepts the starting date, and when it comes … he or she just doesn’t show up for work.

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    1. When we would get candidates of a higher caliber that we would send on a temp-to-perm type of position, the challenge we saw was that they didn't just have one job offer, they had five job offers.
    2. I think wages are slightly higher, but wage growth is, overall, very slow.
    3. These trends are forcing employers to go back to what might be considered best practices.
    4. If there is someone good that you want to put in a position, you put them in right away.
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